Easter Holiday

The Difference Between “Easter” and “Eastertide” The Difference Between “Easter” and “Eastertide”

If asked, most people would say that the celebration of Easter in religious traditions... 

Easter Movies Easter Movies

Of all the movies that could possibly be associated with Easter, Mel Gibson’s... 

A Quick Guide To Easter Flowers A Quick Guide To Easter Flowers

As Easter is associated with spring time, it has also become the holiday period most... 

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Easter Eggs

Bake Your Own Easter Treats Bake Your Own Easter Treats

It’s easy to buy a manufactured, mass-produced Easter egg to gift to someone,... 

Easter In The Catholic World Easter In The Catholic World

For many Roman Catholics, Easter is a more important celebration than Christmas in... 

Easter Crafts: Card Making Easter Crafts: Card Making

For most people, there are two times in the year when you would send a card to someone:... 

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Easter General Tips

Easter Crafts: Basket Weaving Easter Crafts: Basket Weaving

According to folklore, on the eve before Easter Sunday, a giant bunny rabbit – known best as the Easter Bunny – goes around a house, a garden or even an entire village. In its wake, the Easter Bunny leaves gifts for the residents of wherever it has been; namely chocolate eggs, left in a wicker basket, to signify the arrival of spring. This,... [Read more of this article]

Secular Easter Celebrations Secular Easter Celebrations

Of all the main festivals in the Christian calendar, Easter is perhaps the least celebrated if one is not religious. However, even if you are not Christian, you and your family can enjoy Easter celebrations by using the opportunistic holidays that co-incide with Easter and putting your own twist on how to observe the holiday. Easter is a time traditionally... [Read more of this article]

Easter Holiday Tips Easter Holiday Tips

Although Easter is most often seen as the most religiously significant festival in the Christian calendar, it has yet to branch out in to secular society in the way that Christmas has. While many of us associate Christmas with snow, Lapland and a mythical man in a red suit; Easter has not quite managed to achieve the same level of instant recognition. However,... [Read more of this article]

Easter Sunday: The Basics Easter Sunday: The Basics

Easter Sunday is, according to the Gospels of Christianity, the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead following his crucifixion on Good Friday. It is one of the most important days in the Christian calendar. Sometimes referred to as Easter Day or even Resurrection Day, Easter Sunday is the third day of Easter celebrations, feasts and worships; following... [Read more of this article]

Egg Rolling Tradition At The White House Egg Rolling Tradition At The White House

In 1878, American President Rutherford B. Hayes began a tradition that has spiralled down the centures: White House lawn egg rolling. On Easter Monday – a public holiday in the United States – children are invited to the official home of the American President, the White House in Washington DC. There, on the main lawn at the front of the... [Read more of this article]

The Best Easter Gift Ideas The Best Easter Gift Ideas

Easter has, by and large, dodged the relentless march of consumerism in the way its December counterpart – Christmas – has not been able to manage. Gift-giving is generally associated with Christmas, but in some cultures and – particularly – in some families, gifts are also exchanged at Easter. These tend to be smaller, more... [Read more of this article]

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